5 reasons to wear funky clothes at any age

5 reasons to wear funky clothes at any age

Hip and funky clothes are for everyone!

No matter what age are you, even when you are not tall or thin, you can choose to wear your clothes creatively. You can dress funkier, but still age appropriate. You can choose from funky dresses, funky bags or funky shoes. We will give you some solid reasons why you need to be more creative with your outfits!


  1. Express yourself

The way we dress express our personality. Our outfit says who we are, that’s why you should not be afraid of vibrant colours and interesting prints.


  1. Think outside the box

You can apply this way of thinking even when you choose your clothes. Thinking outside the box means for example mixing prints and different patterns.


  1. Be more fun

Experiment with colours, fabrics, accessories. By being more versatile you will have more fun. You need to embrace your individuality and not hide yourself.

  1. Get wild

Get crazy, get wild, why not? No matter what age are you, beauty is in everyone. You can be unique, amazing and ageless!

  1. Creativity is not a competition

Creativity means to let your mind be free. You should wear statement earring, funny purses or fun gloves. Creativity will also change you as a person, you will be more confident and sociable.

You can take in consideration also the hair, you can dye your hair crazy colorus like pink or purple. Make your life exciting and powerful!