Advantages and disadvantages of hair perming

Advantages and disadvantages of hair perming

Hair perming is known for many years. However, today, this procedure has a completely different effect on the hair health. Hairstylists at Prestige Salon NYC use safe compositions, which change the shape of your strands without damaging effect. Let’s learn more about modern hair perming and its pros and cons.

Hair perming is a treatment which is based on a chemical reaction. During this reaction, sulfur compounds responsible for hair shape are disjoint. Then, strands are put in rollers of a desirable shape and treated with a special fixation product. Thus, sulfur compounds are changed. In such a way, you become the owner of the gorgeous curls. Gradually sulfur compounds are oxidized under the influence of oxygen and strands acquire their natural shape.

Types of hair perming

Twenty years ago, women could make only classical hair perming. Today, beauties can choose between more than 20 types of the procedure. The most popular at Prestige Salon NYC are:

American hair perming. This type of perming provides big Hollywood curls, which many girls like. During the procedure special rollers ‘Olivia Garden’ are used. Depending on the desirable result, there are several curling techniques, which may be used. This type of hair perming fits long and medium hair length.

Acid hair perming. The acid perming is considered to be harmful to the strands. It is unrecommended for those who have thin hair and sensitive scalp. This type of perming provides strong fixation. Its advantage is the more stable fixation, but the curls are harder.

Alkaline hair perming. This type of perming is not suitable for women with flat and thick strands. The effect may last only a month instead of the possible three.

Vertical hair perming. During the vertical hair perming the spiral rollers are used. They are arranged in a vertical position. As a result, you will get bouncy spiral curls.

Bio perming. The chemical composition of bio perming does not contain thioglycolic acid, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide, which have a destructive effect on the hair structure. Instead of these components, the sulfur compounds are affected by the substances which have the similar structure with hair molecules. The most common compositions for bio perming are Niagara Bio and Mossa.

The advantages and disadvantages of hair perming

Hair perming has the following advantages:

  • Modern chemical compositions can be applied even on dyed strands, as they do not affect hair pigmentation;
  • You can repeat the treatment when the hair grows. This will allow to maintain the beauty of hairstyle as much as you want;
  • Chemical compositions may over dry strands. However, if you have oily hair type, the procedure will solve the problem of frequent shampooing;
  • Hair perming saves the hairstyle, despite the weather conditions;
  • The affordable price of the procedure;
  • The treatment provides amazing volume and long lasting result.

Here are also disadvantages of hair perming:

  • Contrary the common belief, hair perming not always makes the styling easier. In some cases, it may be difficult to style curls;
  • It is necessary to care for strands more thoroughly, as, despite the good quality of chemical composition, hair damages may occur;
  • Whether the result after treatment will be successful primarily depends on a hairstylist you choose;
  • Hair perming should not be made at home. The process is time-consuming and has many peculiarities which even not every hairstylist knows.

Well, now you know the types of hair perming, its pros and cons. With our tips, you can use the treatment without any undesirable consequences. Be gorgeous!

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