AyalahBJewelry – Unique and Elegant Handmade Jewelry

AyalahBJewelry – Unique and Elegant Handmade Jewelry

My passion for jewels goes back to my initial memories wherever I would play for times in my mom’s jewelry box, which was occupied with both real plus costume jewels. I’ve always been spellbound by how persons decorate themselves. Jewelry is such an exclusive & sensitive art form.

AyalahBJewelry lines are fashioned from 14K gold-occupied, sterling silver plus rose gold-filled chains as well as elements that link semi-valuable stones in numerous combinations. For the classicist, there is the RockLess collection containing polished plus hand-knocked gold, silver & varied metal piece. We features true, fragrant sandalwood beads that are sacred by Buddhist Lama in Nepal Kathmandu, and are joint with semi-valuable stones. “We use the premium materials accessible and we select each stone used in our design. My desire is making quality jewelry accessible to women that they would love and enjoy wearing every day.”

Persons currently require several extra. More and more persons are in search of brilliantly designed jewels that they have by no means seen before. They do not care around the costly rates of the jewelry and are prepared to spend more and more cash if they could get the special designs as said by their taste and necessities.

Separately from all that it is furthermore a fact that there are persons who think that this Unique and Elegant Handmade Jewelry is not outstandingly created and this does not suits their elegance and ironic look. They think that it provides them the inexpensive look if they wear this jewels. However one cannot disregard the fact that these excellent pieces of handmade collection are much sturdier than any other which is not handmade.


Our business signifies more than just making attractive Unique and Elegant Handmade Jewelry. Our work is a effort of love in the rightest sense; what a gift it is to be capable to make your desire your work and we are recapped of this gift every day.

We believe that as trade owners, it is our accountability to conduct trade in the similar way we conduct our private lives. We trust that it is the correct choice to handcraft our jewels in the USA using justly traded artisan resources that support native economies. We trust that ecological and social parity is not a advertising strategy however rather a accountability of conducting trade on this earth. We definitely aren’t flawless nor do we entitlement to be a “green” industry, however if you learn around our efforts you will see that our principles and our activities are in line. We are a completely transparent firm. If you would like to learn more around our practices, we would love to share with you.

AyalahBJewelry has honesty, is sturdy, innovative and stunning…a direct echo of its very trustworthy collectors.
AyalahBJewelry pieces are multipurpose – can be worn through the day or spice up an evening clothing. They are great on their specific or layered with other pieces.

While designing, I have always my clienteles in mind – I know they love everything fashionable however classic, they worth comfort and elegance. I get enthused by people wherever I live – by clothes, the mode they move.