Be the Queen of the Holiday Office Party in your Company

Be the Queen of the Holiday Office Party in your Company

Holiday office parties are excellent occasions to hang out with your colleagues in a less formal context, to celebrate your holiday and get to know each other better. You can certainly let your hair down a little, but not too much. Remember that this is still a business setting and you should always look respectable and elegant. Thinking along the lines of taking your usual business look one notch up will do the trick. You can still be the queen of your office party if you follow these simple suggestions.


  1. Skirts

While you should respect the hem line length appropriate for your office, you can be creative with the choice of materials, wear bright colors, printed skirts or even go for decorations, sparkles, silver, gold or sequins. Shorter skirts can be worn with nice neutral tights. If you go bold with the skirt, you should keep the rest of your outfit toned down, so a solid colour blouse and black shoes will be great.


  1. Pants

Wearing pants to your office party is an excellent option if you can avoid wearing something that is too tight, see-through or too sexy. In case you can’t resist tight pants, wear them with a cardigan, a long sweater or a blouse that reaches down to your thighs. You can wear fun wide-legged pants that you wouldn’t normally wear to work, like velvet, satin, printed, with moderate sequins or of very unique design. Combine them with a neutral blouse, top and a blazer.

  1. Dresses

The choice of an appropriate dress can be difficult, but stick to the rule of thumb that you should be one step up from your best work outfit, but still office appropriate. Try to avoid lace, leather and revealing materials, as well as strapless, one-shoulder and off shoulder dresses. Take care of your cleavage and don’t show too much skin. That said, you can wear plenty of party dresses to your office party if they fit all these parameters. You will shine as the queen of the party especially if you can combine your dress well with a nice cover-up, bolero or a wrap.

  1. Jewelry and accessories

If you make a piece of clothing the focus of your outfit as we have suggested above, then you don’t need to wear bold jewelry. You can simply find something that matches your outfit for the evening, but you can be a bit bolder than usual. For example, you can wear longer, more noticeable earrings, bracelets, and statement necklaces. Hair accessories will really make you stand out, a simple ribbon, some hairpins and hair combs will make you look elegant and festive. Do match them well with your bag and your shoes, stick to the same materials and metals.

Remember that the style is in the details and good combinations, so instead of splurging on a new outfit, just try things out, be creative and find a beautiful look that you will still be comfortable in.