Can Protein Powder Help with Hair Quality?

Can Protein Powder Help with Hair Quality?

Among protein powders many uses in the fitness, muscle toning and sport world, it can also play an important part in the quality and growth of hair. Essentially, a protein powder is a supplement that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats, but why is this important? Well, hair is made from the protein you digest and while there are many other factors to hair growth, one of the most important is to consume enough protein to not only meet your basic bodily requirements but also to grow; great, luscious and full hair.

Studies have even shown that a lack of protein in a diet can reduce the quality and growth of your hair. But why exactly is this? Well, hair growth is not an essential part of the body, when protein consumption is reduced other organs and cells need this vital nutrient (to keep your body alive and running healthy) more than your hair does. Simply put, when you eat insufficient amounts of protein you affect the quality of your hair.


Does This Mean I Should Be Taking a Protein Supplement?

Well, you don’t need a protein powder supplement if you are already eating enough protein. An easy way to find this out is, if most of your meals feature at least one protein source (such as beans, eggs, red meat, chicken etc.) then you are probably eating enough. But if you are like most women, often your diet will lack enough protein and this is where a protein supplement like protein powder can help.

How to Choose the Right Protein Powder

Choosing the right protein powder isn’t hard, the simplest way to find a quality product is to look for these supplements at a large online retailer like Supplement Express. Browse through their range and decide what is best based on your requirements, the products description and user reviews. Essentially, what we have found to be effective, is a protein powder that has a blend of different types of whey, like the Optimum Nutrition 100% whey or Evolve 3-Whey. But in general, you’re pretty safe going with any formula that a bodybuilder relies upon. They care about what they put into their bodies, so look for products which get great reviews from people who utilise protein powders in order to develop lean muscle and strength.

Once you’ve ordered your preferred protein powder, you’ll be ready to move forward by following the directions on the container. Most products make thick and creamy shakes when they are mixed with water, but if that is not creamy enough they can also be mixed with skim or almond milk. Additionally, you can mix your protein powder into a delicious smoothie. You’ll find tons of free recipes online, and in recipe apps, which will allow you to make tasty and healthy smoothies that chock full of protein goodness.

Is This Hair Tip Right for You?

Protein powder does have calories, so this tip may not be right for people who already have a set diet with a set amount of calories that they eat. However, there is a link between good protein consumption and weight loss, where it has been shown that a higher consumption of protein can help you burn more calories and help control your appetite. But as with any product, everyone’s experiences can differ. However, most people who use this type of product in order to make their hair healthier are quite pleased with the results. It’s all about adding the right nutrients to your diet, correcting any deficiencies that you might have and giving the body proper fuel for hair growth.

Now that you know more about how protein powder helps with hair quality, you’ll be ready to decide if using this type of powder is a smart decision. After you try it, you may want to recommend this secret weapon for better hair to your friends and family. It’s a hair health tip that some people aren’t aware of. However, you now know the secret and you may use it in order to enjoy great, silky smooth hair, day in and day out.