Capture the essence of your blissful wedding

Capture the essence of your blissful wedding

Not many things in life are as beautiful as the day of your wedding; this is the time when you are uniting your life with someone else’s, you are promising to love them, care for them, respect them – in good and bad – till the rest of your lives. And it’s beautiful, every second of it.


Milestones are plenty, and we love that weddings are one of those perfect moments to turn from a simple act of love into a time you’ll be happy to remember even twenty years from now. And, with everything happening, don’t let the love ooze distract you from remembering to capture all the wonderful moments about your big day!


Here are the things to pay attention to in order to have your W day the most sensational thing ever:


A venue that’s just right is the starting point of all other planning; when you’ve got the venue down, you’ll be able to fit the proper decorations in and customize everything else that fits your dream celebration. These days, you don’t have to go for an all-white wedding if you don’t want to. Wedding planners are open to theme weddings, too! So, pick a venue that can entertain your fantasy and be the most beautiful bride ever!


Once you’ve picked the venue, you can go for decorations that fill your soul with happiness. Depending on the type of the wedding you’ve chosen, decorations will follow and we’re sure you’ll turn that venue into a magical place.

The dress

The dress you pick for your wedding is a true statement to your style and the concept you want your wedding to support. These days, there are so many gorgeous selections that you won’t have the problem to find even with the craziest of designs. Only, make sure you pick the dress in time – you don’t want to have everything set up and have no dress in plain sight!

Photos and videos

Every single smile, every kiss and hug that you remember from your wedding will definitely make for a wonderful memory. However, memories fade and no matter how sure you are that you’ll have an image in your head till the rest of your days, it’s highly unlikely something like that will actually happen. This is why you should make sure all happy moments from your W day are documented through wedding videography and photography so you’ll have a physical memory to go to each time you are feeling sentimental. Even your kids will be able to enjoy it one day!


Music is a big part of every celebration and if that’s not right, much of the event may fall through. Obviously, you won’t let that happen! The trick with wedding bands though is that you want them to play something for everybody, so nobody gets bored. Still, since you are inviting people that usually jam together, it won’t be difficult to hit the right tone and set the ambiance everyone enjoys. Plus, go for what you and your significant other like – once you set the atmosphere and get the dance going, everyone will just play along!