Many of the private cosmetic clinics around the globe agrees to the fact that women are fed up of wrinkles whereas, men are fed up with their losing hair. But luckly sometimes it might be distressing, it is rare sign of seriously underlying condition that grows back often. Many of the patients come to their doctor complaining that they shed lots of hair in their comb, or their hair looks thinner they start worrying.

Hair loss can be caused due to several factors such as hormonal imbalance, oily scalp, hereditary, irregular diet, change in water and much of stress. Hair loss in men can develop into bald patches more than it does in women. Clinicspots is a premier online medical facilitator that provides high quality service and gives information regarding  hair transplant cost in Mumbai or you can consult a doctor online anytime for any medical emergency.

Your hair goes naturally through different phases. About 85% of the person hair is in growing stage that lasts for 3 – 5 years, but small proportion are in resting phase. This phase lasts for 3 months before hair falls or they starts producing new hairs. However, some times when lots of hair is in this resting phase and falls out over a short period. The good news is that this is a sign that, far from going bald, you have lots of glossy new hair on the way.

Complicated and unfortunate aspect in a person is extreme hair loss in which they are not aware of reduction of hair volume until they have lost 15% of them. Some do not seek help early enough or from true hair and scalp experts to solve the problem successfully as soon as they observe. First sign includes noticeably shorten hair and slower growth. As the best defence weapon for female hair loss is early intervention, it becomes highly necessary to seek medical advice quickly.

Before beginning the counter medication, you should consult your health care provider for further evaluation. Many of the leading infection  such as fungal infection, hormone can also be cause for hair loss. You should not wear your hair tight in a pony tail and should avoid hair extensions.

How do physicians classify hair loss?

  • There are various ways to categorize hair loss.
  • Physician will first examine the scalp to determine whether hair loss is due to physical destruction or due to the follicles.
  • If the scalp is observed perfectly normal with much of empty hair follicles, that is termed as non- scarring hair loss. Whereas, the follicles are permanently destroyed in scarring hair loss.
  • Almost whole scalp whether small or large area it may be affected in scarring as well as in non- scarring hair loss. Non scarring hair loss is seen in situation where there is physical or chemical damage to hair which results in breakage of hair.

Thinning hair

  • Over the period of time the quality of your hair changes, they become more finer and drier and generally thinner. A tendency of thinning hair with age is often hereditary that runs from your mother’s side.
  • Although this is natural and it cannot be reversed, that does not mean that you will lose all your hair or even its patches. It is worth talking to your doctor, since thyroid gland or anaemia may be the cause of hair loss.
  • Some of the experts believe that if you are not suffering from anaemia then slight low iron level in your blood may increase the risk of thinning hair.
  • Deficiency of iron is the most common nutritional deficiency in world. And if a lady is suffering from heavy periods and have complaint of hair loss then her respective doctor may check the level of iron in her blood sample simply.

Causes of hair loss:-

  1. When fashion and obsession cause hair loss:-
  • Girls who have the habit of pulling their hair or wearing a pony tail tightly can also suffer from hair loss as it affects the hair above the forehead. It is important to stop this kind of styles before it worsen the hair
  • Mostly hair loss can be due to pulling of hair drastically
  1. Environment:-
  • Pollution caused by air, water, much content of chlorine, metals and minerals leads to hormonal imbalance, which contributes to hair loss.
  • Exposure to UV rays may also damage the scalp of the hair
  1. Health:-
  • Most common disorder that lead to hair loss is thyroid. Its side effect as well as medications are most common health related cause of hair loss.
  1. Nutrition and diet:-
  • High consumption of alcohol, animal fat, smoking, deficiency of biotin reduces vital amino acid and absorption of vitamins are needed for the hair growth.

As many women experience hair loss, more and more researches have been discovered to cure the cause.