Discover Different Types of Hair Weaves

Discover Different Types of Hair Weaves

Hair weaving is a rising fashion trend recognized by women of all ages crossways the globe. It is a style that gives a neat look as well as also augments the natural beauty of the wearer. This comfy and easy-to-maintain grace is an age-old haircut that lost its worth in the years between however in the recent years the revitalized form has increased much popularity. The refreshed form of hair weave is now recognized by known stars plus celebrities, therefore making it even more universal. This gratitude by known celebrities has given a new way and form to the fashion in the style world.

There are numerous diverse ways hair weaving could be done. Each form has its exclusive appeal and is a simple way for getting an instantaneous change in the general personality.

Human Hair Weave 
Human hair weave is a method of weaving that is fashioned using real hair of somebody who have sacrificed their tresses for several or the other cause. This kind provides a natural look however the only problem faced is getting the suitable match in term of color plus texture.

Synthetic Hair Weave
Synthetic hair weave is done using artificial weaves that are interlaced into micro-braids or else simply twisted to create an exclusive pattern. These are provisional attachments used to proffer a diverse look.

Curly Weaves 
Curly weaves are attained by braiding wavy extension to the hair strands. This could only be done by an expert hair stylist. It needs lot of care and maintenance particularly whereas washing and drying hair.


Bonded Weaves 
Bonded weaves are achieved by attaching the extension to small sections of natural hair using bonding gum adhesive. Getting this kind of weave is an expensive affair and needs lot of care particularly when getting it eliminated. If not done correctly or removed correctly it can reason a permanent harm to the hair. The lifespan of bonded weaves is around one to two months and it must be removed previous to the bonds getting loose.

Fusion Weave 
Fusion weave is furthermore a delicate method but provides a striking as well as fuller look to the wearer. It is attained by dividing hair in to small segments and then attaching the extension using hot wax. Fusion weaves tend to last to estimate two or three months and is moderately more expensive than bonded weaves.

Hot fusion.  A hot fusion connector is used to link the hair to the origin of your natural hair. The hot fusion method can last up to six months with appropriate care. This method is best for those with sturdy, thick hair that could withstand the weight of both the hair as well as the glue.

Cold fusion. The cold fusion method uses a keratin-based polymer in addition to ultrasound device to bond the human hair extensions to the ends of your natural thread. This is a newer method, and is gentler to the natural cavity, preservative your natural hair and stopping damage. Numerous women who wear cold fusion weaves report that they have an additional natural feel.