How to wear a bow-tie that will make you stand out during your next party

How to wear a bow-tie that will make you stand out during your next party

Adding some elegance to your wardrobe

Of course we want to talk about bow ties. I know what you might be thinking, but not too worry because you won’t end up looking like a waiter. Bow ties are for people with a sense of class, and I can boldly tell you that because I have been wearing them for years.

There was a time people gave me a weird look. They obviously felt I looked mundane on a bow tie. This did not deter me, as I continued wearing them even till now.

What I really want to prove to you is that you can conveniently wear a bow tie with little effort, and still have fun while doing it. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and are made using different kinds of materials.

Bowties often cost between €25 and €100. Price of course changes, and is dependent on factors like material, if it is to be customized, and the quality.

Ecommerces like or Amazon sell bow ties at competitive prices (selling around €25 to €40). If you are on low budget, then the best place to buy a bowtie will be in second hand shops as there are lots of them out there. I discovered most of such shops sell them for a few Euros.

Is bow tie really necessary?

What I really love about this little piece of accessory is that it matches anything you choose to wear. If you are going for a big occasion, wearing one on a black jacket will definitely make you stand out. It can also be worn casually on a pair of jeans or trainers. They can also be worn alongside a leather shoe.

However, you can only wear them on a shirt which has a collar that is proportional to the size of the bow tie. It shouldn’t be too big or small. If you have a big stature, then you will need a big bowtie.

Bowties go well with cardigans, v-necks and blazers. It is important to choose your suit jacket carefully otherwise you will end up blowing up everything

If you are not so confident about bow ties, then it is best you choose one that you go for the more conventional black bow tie. Once you have mastered the art of wearing this accessory, let nothing stop you back from flexing with as many colors as you please. Try different set of patterns. The most important thing is you have fun when flexing a bow tie.

Simple bow tie has some element of beauty in it and so you can consider one.

Contrary to what most think, it is very simple to wear a bow tie. You can in very little time add some style to you outfit. This accessory is ideal if you want to touché up your outfit, without necessarily making it so obvious.