Ideal first date outfits

Ideal first date outfits

Even if you don’t think about your style too much, and never find yourself obsessing over what to wear, setting up an outfit for a first date can change all of this in an instant. It’s important to take into consideration the time, place and atmosphere for your first date and go with clothing bits and pieces that are a bit more on a safe side, but still show off enough of your sensuality.


Casual coffee date

If you agreed to meet for a coffee during the day this is definitely going to be a casual occasion, and you would only look out of place and feel uncomfortable if you show up dressed for a gala party. Depending on what you usually wear, choose your outfit in a similar fashion. If you don’t mind wearing casual skater skirts this might be the time to skip your beloved jeans. Heels aren’t really necessary for a casual coffee, but old converse shoes can send a wrong message. Choose footwear that would flatter your leg shape nicely, but still feel comfortable. Remember, even if it’s just a coffee you don’t want to look too casual – as if you just got out of bed, and put on the first clean thing you could find.


Date after work

It might seem difficult but this is actually the best possible option (clothing-wise) when it comes to dates. As long as your date knows that you’re meeting with them after work, you can relax. Moreover, you can style your professional outfit pretty nicely for an effective transition from work to date outfit. Tight pants or pencil skirts with high waist, matched with an interesting blouse and a classic blazer can look really flattering for both the date and work. Of course, you can wear mid-heels or ankle boots quite fashionably in this case. Details can make all the difference, so if you actually feel that your work blazer is too plain for a date – you can take it off, or adda brooch or cute scarf to it, so that you can incorporate a bit of your personal touch as well.

Elegant dinner

If you’re invited to a fancy restaurant for an elegant dinner date, you’re more than allowed to put a little bit more effort in your outfit. In this case you can go all out and wear your favorite high heels together with the flattering dress you have hanging in the wardrobe. Still, pay attention that both the dress and heels are classyand elegant. You don’t want to show too much of your skin, or wear a really sensual dress to a fancy restaurant. Timeless pieces are the best. A little black dress can be perfect for these types of dates. You can glam up your dress with accessories or add a charming pop of color with your shoes. Even if they’re high heels, they have to be comfortable. You want to be able to concentrate on the conversation, not on hiding your pain.

The most important thing about your first date outfit is to follow your own tastes, preferences and fashion style. There’s no point in buying new clothes that don’t match your personality at all. The whole point of the first date is to get to know each other, and if you’re trying to present yourself in a false light right from the start – the possible relationship won’t go nearly as planned.