Its The Holidays!!!  From 3rdeye Brand “Hand Crafted Artistically Fashionable”

Its The Holidays!!! From 3rdeye Brand “Hand Crafted Artistically Fashionable”

Tired of those Holiday sweaters well look no further because over at 3rdeye Brand (3EB) they’ve created a particular showcase which displays a new direction of the Holiday Fashion. The theme: Festive A la mode by designer Jean Fredeling. He expresses contemporary casual with sense festive alteration that captures it holiday cheer. Christmas, kwanza, Hanukkah are celebrated and while other clothing apparel or DIY groups focus on creating cheer with their Christmas sweater. Not Mr Fredeling, He adds a bit more with his idea of Hand Crafted Artistically Fashionable ascetic created in the form of a Vest, Blouses and Dresses. While focusing on the aspect of women’s fashion a few words from Mr Fredeling mentioned And to quote its Instagram tag. reads: If it doesn’t exist why not create, yet?: As for some who don’t know 3EB. its apparel group that grows with its supporters which allow theme/showcases can come towards the forefront and establish an image that not only express creatively but the depth of its passion within its fashion outlet. ‘Seeing Is Believing’



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