LuLaRoe and the New Fashion Craze

LuLaRoe and the New Fashion Craze

LuLaRoe is a fashion company that specializes in making women’s, men’s and kids clothing and giving people the chance to sell their clothing. Started in 2014 by DeAnne Stidham, a single mother with seven kids, LuLaRoe has evolved from a distributor of end-of-season whole sale dresses into a fashion company that sells affordable, stylish clothing that allows their Albuquerque LuLaRoe Consultants’ to work at their own pace and schedule. This is a company that has seen explosive growth from a unknown company several years ago into a company with a cult-like status because of what they are able to offer.

There is a reason why LuLaRoe is now the latest thing in fashion. People, such as millennial mothers, are able to sell clothing by LuLaRoe by having weekly pop-up parties or selling them through other marketing means. It does not matter too much because consultants are able to have the freedom to sell at your own pace and dictate the methods that a consultant uses. It has been found that those who purchase inventory from LuLaRoe are able to sell their clothing within two months, especially those who buy huge amounts of inventory in the range of $4500 to $9000. The more inventory that a consultant has, the more likely they are to sell inventory and therefore earn a large income stream. Some consultants have raved about being able to make upwards of six figures per year by selling LuLaRoe’s diverse and attractive clothing. That is why LuLaRoe is now the huge craze in the fashion industry – the ability to sell clothing on their behalf and gain an income stream.

However, it’s not only the income that their consultants carry. Their fashion clothing is especially impressive. They have clothes that are not only comfortable to wear, but they are incredibly well-fitting and original. If you type in LuLaRoe into google, one of the first dresses that you will find is the Amelia dress. This dress is designed for comfort and can be worn all day because it has the strength to withstand a night out in town. The main feature of this dress is the box set pleats, which gives the dress a flowing, full skirt. Most of all, there are pockets in the dress so that you can at least place your belongings somewhere.

There are other dresses such as the Ana Dress; a floor-length maxi dress that has a flattening scoop neck and mid-length sleeves. The best aspect of this dress is that you can wear the clothes in cold and warm weather as well as transition Ana from causal into formal. Whether these clothes are your tastes or not; Ana and Amelia are one of many examples of the diverse and interesting clothing range that can be found from LuLaRoe. With over thirty-two ranges of clothing, rest assured that LuLaRoe will always have the right type of clothing for every occasion.

So go and see one of their Albuquerque LuLaRoe consultants today. They can be found in hundreds of cities all around America and you will not be disappointed by what you find.