Making the Most out of Engagement Ring Purchases | Hatton Jewels

Making the Most out of Engagement Ring Purchases | Hatton Jewels

Read on as Hatton Jewels lists ways to help men get the perfect engagement ring and gain the most value for their money.

Making the Most out of Engagement Ring Purchases

Engagement rings are the lynchpins of any wedding proposal. Men fuss about getting the perfect ring to show to their beloved when they pop the question, but they also worry about the prices that these pieces have. There are several things that men have to keep in mind if they want to get the most out of their ring purchases without feeling ripped off.

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Follow a plan

The first step to follow for any prospective buyer is to lay out a plan that lists their purchasing preferences. It must include a budget, potential stores to buy from, and alternatives to pursue if the traditional sources do not meet the buyer’s preferences. Ensure that the plan follows a set time frame.

  • Refrain from purchasing a particular ring on a whim. Purchases based on what the buyer felt at the time of the sale can have a negative outcome later on.
  • Check all available retailers and designs before making a final decision. People commit the error of making a hasty purchase for a ring and eventually seeing a better design not long after.
  • Never shop for rings during holidays to avoid rushed purchases. This ensures that the buyer can properly deliberate about which design to buy without worrying about that particular design being sold out.

Know the 4C’s

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People tend to buy rings based on appearances. A good-looking ring with a large enough rock catches the eye of most buyers, making them ignore other designs that may be better appreciated by women. Keep in mind that there are four points to remember when buying engagement rings: carat, cut, clarity, and colour.

  • Carat is the weight of a ring’s diamond. The higher the carat number, the heavier the stone. Rings in the range of 18 carats and above are a good choice for people who prefer larger stones on their rings.
  • Cut and clarity determine the visual quality of a ring. Two stones with similar carats can have a large difference in value based on which has a finer cut and a higher quality. Avoid purchasing rings that have rough cuts and bland colors but still fetch a hefty cost.
  • Colour determines the whiteness of a ring’s diamond. The scale ranges from ‘clear’ or ‘colourless’ to ‘yellowish’, labeled from D to Z. Determine the bride-to-be’s color preferences to help make an accurate purchasing decision based on the stone’s colour. Most women prefer stones in the F range, so it’s a good move to start looking for rings from there.

Buy for two

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A rising trend in ring purchases is the retailing of ring sets to couples. Future brides and grooms can get both their engagement ring sets and wedding rings in a single purchase, reducing the need to fuss over what wedding ring design to pursue shortly before the nuptial itself. This is a good deal for people who want to link the designs between the engagement ring and the wedding ring, or for people who do not have the time to spare for purchasing both sets separately.

  • Jewellers offer prospective buyers the option to buy the engagement and wedding rings in certain packages. Avail of these package offers as much as possible, as they sometimes come bundled with larger wedding deals, making it easier for couples to handle all the wedding worries without overlooking anything.
  • Choose to go for ring sets if the pre-nuptial preparations offer little time to handle the smaller details in-between. This avoids putting more stress on the soon-to-be wed and allows them to focus on the marriage itself.
  • Design consistency is maintained for both rings. This is something to consider if the either spouse thinks the design for the engagement ring is good enough to be used on the wedding ring as well.

Hunting for the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task, but it can be accomplished with a sound plan. Consult the neighborhood jewellers if having trouble making a final decision about ring purchases.