All of us crave for the perfect, healthy skin and are always apprehensive when it comes to the smallest outbreak of acne on our face. We are always spending a hefty sum in beauty products, treatments and spas just to get that clear glow on our face. We are all very particular about the aesthetician who handles our skin as even the slightest inexperience can result in ugly consequences.

You would have met a few aestheticians during your visit to the spa. There are also another group of aestheticians called the medical aestheticians. These people are also involved in the healing and improving the health of the skin, but these people are also trained to do so in clinical settings where there is usually a medical professional present. This means that these people are also trained to do the non-invasive medical procedures.

There are several places where medical aestheticians can work. These options are:

  1. Medical spas: here, the usual spa treatments are given. Along with that, for those who need special treatments, like those who are suffering from acne pigmentation, scarring or other reasons for discoloured skin, these medical aestheticians can perform some procedures which will reduce the pigmentation and scarring. As this is done on advice of a medical professional, the procedures are absolutely safe.
  2. Dermatology: Dermatologists see all kinds of skin ailments every day and the medical aestheticians who work there have a wide knowledge regarding the various diseases and their treatment aspects.
  3. Plastic surgery centers: There are a lot of invasive procedures that are performed by plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons. Apart from the surgical procedures, there is a lot of steps involved in pre-operative and post-operative periods. These steps are taken care of by the medical aestheticians, like wound dressing and lymphatic drainage.
  4. Specialist clinics: Here, these aestheticians work with patients who are dealing with serious illnesses involving the skin, like cancer, burns and trauma. They give special care to all the patients, to make sure that maximum elasticity and health is restored to the damaged skin, so that there is least amount of scarring and pigmentation. They also take care of wound sites so that the wounds heal faster.

The role of a medical aesthetician involves having a basic medical knowledge that involves knowing the complications associated with any cosmetic procedures, the products and instruments used in that particular field, and a basic knowledge of the treatment procedures and drugs that are given for various skin ailments.


Medical aestheticians need to undergo similar training as spa aestheticians but they need to pick up the other details that are related to medical treatment. They are not allowed to perform any invasive procedures but are involved in every step of patient care.

Apart from all this, there are all the general spa procedures which can also be performed by these aestheticians. These include skin treatments like chemical peels, facial massages, whitening treatments, and other such procedures. They are also trained in hair removal procedures and body treatment procedures. Due to the wide knowledge of all these procedures, medical aestheticians are preferred over spa aestheticians.

Getting a job as a medical aesthetician requires training and certification in the field. There are several institutes and training centres which provide spa aesthetician courses but there are comparatively few which provide specialised medical aesthetician courses. You can get more details of one of the best training centers from the link

As a medical aesthetician, the job opportunities are in abundance. The pay is also comparatively much higher than that of spa aestheticians. The work actually also gives a lot of personal satisfaction due to the wonderful changes that can be seen in the patients.

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