NOWA Shaper – A New Era of Smart Watch

NOWA Shaper – A New Era of Smart Watch

NOWA Shaper – World’s Thinnest Hybrid Smartwatch – The rapid technology improvements in the last few years have started out up the possibility to convert this watch into a system that is capable of doing a lot more than keeping time. Intelligent watches have been in the growth since 1972, when the Hamilton Watch Company came up with the “Pulsar” system. However, a significant increase to the Smart Watch growth was obtained with the release of smart phone operating system like Google Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Microsoft windows mobile system.

The improvements in components technology innovation have made it possible to set up little indicator snacks and other circuits into devices such as watches and eyeglasses. Moreover, the interoperability popular features of the modern mobile so can be used to install the same primary on these products. Elegant smart watch collection from NOWA with its indigo signature color. Shaper, the perfect companion for travelling this summer: World time update, activity & sleep tracking. The first smart watch to be developed by Sony models was known as the “Sony Smart watch”, a wearable electronic watch that could incorporate with the Sony models Android phones. However, this specific system had its own OS that was suitable with Android devices.

A significant increase to this relatively new industry was obtained when New Samsung came up with their innovative smart watch, Galaxy Equipment. Compared with Sony models Smart watch, this revolutionary product runs on the Android system but its connection to mobile phones and pills is currently limited to the newest Galaxy Note and Tab devices. It features most features that are required out of a next-generation wearable system.

Galaxy Equipment can connect to a cell phone using the newest form of the Wireless Bluetooth technology innovation, and perform projects that make sure features in the phone repetitive. The smart watch can view inbound phone calls, make outgoing phone calls based on speech instructions, can take images using a little camera located on this watch switch, and many more. Apart from showing time, the product is also equipped to display the current temperature and can watch certain health factors with the help of Android applications. The best thing about this revolutionary product is of course the proven reality that most applications already available on the Search engines Play shop is suitable with it.

Trendy Features of a Smart watch

The Smart watch features vary for each design. Here are a few features that you will want to consider before deciding on a model:

Activity trackers

If you are looking for a smart watch, that has health and fitness resources, check for a built-in digital pedometer (measures steps), accelerometer (measures intensity), harm or other monitoring technology innovation.


Smart watches are available in a variety of models, which let you get a customized look. If you favor a traditional style that is similar to a traditional watch, you can choose a system that has leather or stainless steel ties. Other watches have versatile plastic ties, which is ideal for outdoor or fitness-related activities.

Voice control

It allows you to give speech instructions, record memorandums, send and receive sums messages, search the Web and much more, without using your hands.

Glass Strength

Watches made of prepared glass, such as Corning Gorilla Glass, can handle the deterioration of daily use, so you do not have to worry about scrapes or other damage.


You can shop songs on your unit’s storage space for immediate access to your media collection.

Link alarm

It provides a sensible when you are out of wireless range.

It is predicted that other operating system as if iOS and Microsoft Windows 8 would come up with their own editions of a sensible watch. In reality, there is a high possibility that Apple company would soon release an innovative smart watch known as Apple watch. Other technology innovation brands like Qualcomm have also declared their objectives to develop smart watches, which makes it even clearer that the future of traveling with a laptop does not depend entirely on mobile phones and pills.